ISKCON Amsterdam temple has no guesthouse facilities for visiting guests and life members of ISKCON. Our temple is too small. If you are planning to stay in Amsterdam we recommend you to find accommodation yourself. Below is a list of links for hotels and other accommodation. Please do not come unannounced and expect that we can arrange accommodation. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We have already been in the awkward position of sending guests away with all their luggage and belongings.

Although we can not accommodate you, we do invite you to attend our daily programs and sunday feast in our temple. You can find our contact info here.

Radhadesh (Belgium)

In Belgium (some 350 km from amsterdam, or 4 hours drive), in the Ardennen, is our spiritual community Radhadesh. There are guesthouse facilities available. For bookings and reservations you can visit their website

Hotels & accommodation in Amsterdam

Hotels and apartments can be expensive. Check out AirBnB for more economic options. If nothing is available you can check the options listed below:

It may be an option to find accommodation outside of Amsterdam.

Hotels outside of Amsterdam

Other accommodation

This is fairly cheaper than hotels, but often you have to share bathrooms, and other facilities.
Used by younger people.


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